Raphael Robiatti

Raphael Robiatti works as Project Coordinator at the Willy Brandt School. He is the administrative staff representative in the blog edititorial team. He coordinates meetings as well as the blog’s strategic orientation. Raphael has obtained his MPP at the Brandt School in 2015 and is now a PhD candidate at the University of Erfurt. His research focus on the Governance of Development Financial Institutions in Latin America.

Caleb Larson

Caleb Larson is currently pursuing a Master's in Public Policy with a specialization in Conflict Studies and Management and the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy in Erfurt, Germany and holds a BA in History from UCLA. He is a committed Trans-Atlanticist; his interests lie in EU-Russia/US-Russia relations and defense issues, NATO shortcomings, and European security studies. As a part of the blog editing team, he is responsible for proofreading and editing as well as coordinating the contributions.

Maximilian Sänger

Maximilian Sänger is in his first year of the master program at the Brandt School. He finished his Bachelors degree in communication science at the University of Hohenheim, specializing in political communication and public affairs. His topics of interest include the sustainable management of resources in cases of conflict and effective developmental strategies.

Shaheera Syed

Shaheera Syed is a first year Master of Public Policy student majoring in conflict studies at the Willy Brandt School. She has completed her Bachelors in Public Administration from National University of Science and Technology, Pakistan and has worked for a number of organizations, ranging from World Wide Fund for Nature to the United Nations. She has also written for various newspapers in her home country and plans to use her experience here, since she loves writing almost as much as she loves talking about politics.