11th Deutsches CSR Forum – the German world of Corporate Social Responsibility

by: Olena Bolger

From April 20-21, 2015, I was glad to be one of 730 participants at the 11th Deutsches CSR Forum in Ludwigsburg. The aim of the event was to gather experts from business, political, non-profit and academia circles to exchange ideas and insight on fostering and practical implementation of corporate social responsibility. The event traditionally offered many sectors and subtopics running simultaneously, for example: CSR as a business model; green energy; sustainable management of resources and delivery chains; fair labour practice, etc.

With great interest, I experienced another way of forum organization: the way people participate and discuss things about CSR. As I participated in a number similar events on CSR back home in Ukraine, I could compare the environment and achievements to learn about the differences. Indeed, I noticed that political and NGO sectors play much more of an active role and seriously put CSR promotion on their agenda. Nonetheless, although the dialogue between the sectors is very active, sometimes one could see how approaches and evaluation of what is a priority are different for the various stakeholders.

All in all, my participation provided me with insights for my master thesis, brought me better understanding of German CSR environment and practices, as well as let to do some networking with perspectives of future internships/employment. It is also worth mentioning that I successfully challenged my language barrier and can be proud of myself spending two days in purely German environment at a German-speaking event. 🙂