About the Blog

In 2012, the Willy Brandt School established a student blog, called “the bulletin”. Initially, the blog has been a purely student-run project opening up student experiences, may it be academic, semi-academic, or purely social, to the public.

Maja Stojanovska (Macedonia) described it as follows (2012):

“Hello world, (…) We want to let you have a sneak peek into our everyday lives. The master program at the Willy Brandt School is not only about academic development. It is also about personal development – understanding and learning about the world. Moreover it is about making friends.”

In 2016, we decided to expand the range of the blog. It now encompasses contributions written by lecturers, professors, alumni, professionals, and guests ranging from content-intensive to experience-based to purely entertaining articles. Nevertheless, the core of the Willy Brandt School, and therefore, the core of ”the bulletin” is our international, interdisciplinary and practice-oriented student body that is eager to share a multifaceted, diverse and differentiated picture of today’s world – from the perspective of “the global village” of Erfurt.

Sneak in, read the articles of your interests, comment, share, and discuss our contributions! This is what the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy is about: seeing the world from a different perspective!

Every Brandt School student is welcome to contribute with articles and editorial ideas. If you are interested, please contact us by email.