Anti-corruption project group at GIZ


On the 13th of February, a group of 9 students from the Brandt School traveled to Eschborn (near Frankfurt Am Main) to present the findings of a semester-long project on anti- corruption tools. From the very beginning work of the group was supervised by two experts from GIZ, which was also the end-user of an anti-corruption toolkit developed by Brandt School students. Upon arrival at the GIZ headquarters, our students briefly presented results of their work to an audience of multidisciplinary experts, who have praised the initial efforts of creating a customized database and made several recommendations for further development of this project.

Prof. Dr. Heike Grimm accompanied students to represent the administration of the Brandt School. In addition, Dr. Grimm established closer contact with GIZ, creating a basis for a fruitful partnership.

by: Artem Ushakov (Russia)