Student Publication: Microfinance Institutions and The Dilemma of Initial Public Offers

Tochukwu Obi Akunyili, a Brandt School student from Nigeria, published the following article on microfinance institutions and the dilemma of initial public offers. The author holds a degree in philosophy and has worked in the field of political communication and public relations. An abiding … Continued

Commitment Award 2012

The Concept This year was the Brandt School’s first ever Commitment Award. The Commitment Award is sponsored by the Engagementpreis Foundation. The initiative was initially presented to the Brandt School in January 2012 by Markus Pins, a lecturer at the … Continued

Salon Rio: Part II

On Monday, June 11th, I had the opportunity to present some of my research that I’ve been conducting for my master’s thesis about development policy, concentrating on women’s participation in water management in Nepal. I co-presented this topic with friend … Continued