Brandt School Christmas Party 2012

by: Moritz Borchardt, representative of the Brandt School Student Government

A Very WBS Christmas

Once every year, there is a time where religions go jolly in the celebration of holidays, name them Kwanzaa, Hanukkah or Christmas, temperatures drop in the northern hemisphere and a little German town called Erfurt is becoming overcrowded due to a cultural phenomenon called “Glühwein”.
In this merriest time of the year, it is the good tradition of each house to offer its services for activities that may be deemed extra-curricular on first sight, but are in fact nothing if not a breeding-place for intercultural understanding, tolerance and practical learning. Be it how to put up decorations in places that are not meant to be reached, agreeing to listen to that song you really never wanted to hear again, or how to fit a whole band worth of instruments into a Ford Ka.

In late 2012, the job of orchestrating all this merriment fell to the newly elected Student Government of the Willy Brandt School, green in experience and brilliant in mind they set out to find date, place and time, succeeded and invited the world to a very WBS kind of Christmas.

The Willy Brandt School Christmas Party took place on 15th of December in ‘die Stube’,  in Erfurt with students of the Brandt School, friends and our very own band ‘The Willys’ – the best band in the world, as it turns out.

On behalf of the whole Student Government, I would like to thank everyone for making this great evening happen, for all the tiny things in advance, the wonderful decorations and all the singing, dancing, talking. And The Willys of course, you guys are … very WBS indeed!

Until next time,

Photo credit: Jorge Sellare