Bulletin Special Series: Through the Lens - Episode #5 - Shining a Light on the Unseen: Discussing the Women Trafficking and Forced Marriage

Pau Palop-Garcia

This is a Bulletin special series: Through the Lens, a podcast series analysing global issues through the lens of the United Nations.

Join us as we explore the United Nations, its mission and its future. In each episode we will pick apart a resolution passed by the 75th General Assembly and find out what is going on in our world, how the pre-eminent international body is seeking to address mounting conflicts and dilemmas and what challenges remain.

About this episode

In this episode of Through the Lens, John and Kami look at two UN resolutions, Trafficking of Women and Girls and Child, Early and Forced Marriage (CEFM). They explore the state of human trafficking and CEFM today and how the Coronavirus pandemic may be worsening the situation. They then analyse what role the United Nations is playing in bringing an end to these hidden crimes.

John and Kami also sit down with Amandine Bollinger, a UNICEF representative in Nigeria who works to end child marriage in the country. The three discuss what role child marriage plays in Nigeria, how it affects girls and families alike, and what sorts of solutions exist. Finally, the moderators look at what kinds of practices national governments are implementing that are addressing victims, educating the public and bringing an end to human trafficking.

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About the special series

This podcast special series is a result of the class "Analyzing Global Issues through the Lens of the United Nations: A Podcast" held by Dr. Pau Palop-Garcia at the Brandt School.

Dr. Palop-Garcia is a Research Fellow at the Brandt School since 2021. You can find more about him here.

About the authors

This episode was written and produced by Brandt School students Kamila Zakirova and John McElfresh.

~ The views represented in this blog post do not necessarily represent those of the Brandt School. ~