The Bulletin Podcast

Here you can find all the episodes recorded for our The Bulletin Podcast. In each episode, our hosts interview the fascinating students, alumni and researchers of the Brandt School and hear their experiences and voices from all over the world. We discuss social entrepreneurship, academic life, publications and, of course, politics and policy! We will be thrilled to hear your feedback, as well as to receive suggestions for the next episodes.  READ MORE

Alumni and Career

The Willy Brandt School is surrounded by a substantial network of professionals. Brandt School alumni work in international organizations, municipal, regional, and federal governments, think tanks or renowned enterprises in the private sector. This category allows you to immerse into this network and to get to know the professional environment the Master of Public Policy program is preparing for. READ MORE

Research and PhD

The Master of Public Policy program plays the fundamental role in the school’s concept. Nevertheless, our activities are reaching out further into academia. In this category, our PhD candidates are offered the opportunity to introduce themselves as well as their research/dissertation project. Furthermore, they provide the possibility to discover and to discuss their findings. The majority of our doctoral students research in the field of conflict studies and management. READ MORE

Academic Life

Interesting Courses, exciting internships, fascinating summer schools and excursions, renowned conferences - The life of our students is first and foremost characterized by one thing: It does not get boring!  Especially when it comes to the practical parts of our master program, they are always making new, enriching and rewarding experiences. In this category, they tell their stories. READ MORE


Brandt School Life

Looking behind the scenes of the first German Public Policy School that, often, does not seem German at all. What does it mean to be “International” and “Interdisciplinary”? Who is behind our work? How did we develop? What are the activities and events that reach beyond academia, but are still essential for our work? READ MORE

Policy Analysis

Here professors, external lecturers, students, and guests of different backgrounds have their say. We highlight current, and sometimes controversial, issues from all possible perspectives. Experts in their respective field comment, criticize, discuss, and explain policy decisions, debates and events. We do not ignore issues such as TTIP, the US elections or the BREXIT, but we elaborate on it in a conscious and differentiated way. READ MORE