Editorial Team, Committees & Contributors

Editorial team

Florian Heintze

Bulletin Blog Koordinator
(Willy Brandt School of Public Policy)
C19 – Forschungsbau „Weltbeziehungen“ / C19.02.01

Alyssa McIntyre

Alyssa McIntyre

Alyssa McIntyre is a current Master of Public Policy student and the Student Assistant Editor of the Willy Brandt School Bulletin. This involves coordinating and editing content for both the Blog and Podcast and liaising with authors and Blog and Podcast Committees. Alyssa's aim is to empower people of all backgrounds and interests to feel confident to present their unique take on the world. If you want to be involved at all, please contact Alyssa.

Contact: alyssa.mcintyre@uni-erfurt.de 

The Bulletin Blog Committee 2023/2024

Bulletin Blog Committee

We are [from left to right]: Mayamiko Chimbali, Nagi Tanimoto, Sabrina Zearott, Manuel Mollenhauer, Su Wai Phyoe, Lara Schüth and Grace Nahurira Mutabazi.

Absent: Alyssa McIntyre, Aditi Tyagi, Patricia María-Fernanda Caparó Beltrán, Nancy Apraez, Neha Singh and Uzair Khan

Bulletin Podcast Committee

The Bulletin Podcast Committee 2023/2024

We are [from left to right]: Grace Nahurira Mutabazi, Tracy, Alyssa McIntyre, Sabrina Zearott, María José Quirola, Manuel Mollenhauer, Novita Dwi Andari, Loise Effah Yeboah, Naqsh Nasir and Idowu Adeyemi.

Absent: Benjamin Fox


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