The Student Government Reminisces about the Winter Semester 2012/13

by: Moritz Borchardt

Imagine a world without the Willy Brandt School, without its students and – most importantly – without its Student Government! While Erfurt and its statistical diversity would certainly take a hit, would anything else? The short answer is: no. The long one is: hell, yeah!

This is the ‘official’ unofficial report of what we as Student Government have done over the last semester. The most important thing is: we were there. The Willy Brandt School Student Government was only founded in this last semester; in a strange way, everything we do is being done for the first time at the WBS on this scale. Pioneers we are, and while we are not feeling that way or – hopefully – acting that way, much of the work we do is establishing relationships to staff, students and the university writ large as well as working processes among ourselves.  And we wrote a constitution – how often does that happen?! Happy times for the future world leaders we sometimes love to think we are (but then again… ).

On a more fact-based note: of course most of the work in the beginning was coordinating and mediating among the usual hiccups of a starting semester, more often than not coming up with workable solutions for everybody. Apart from the behind-the-scenes part of our ‘job’, we are happy to have established our kind of event series with the German Stammtisch (#4 is in the works, hopefully taking place outside in the sun), have had our meetings with both WBS batches (classes of 2013 and 2014) and were involved in the creation of the Willy Brandt School Academic Journal. Last but not least, we hosted – according to anonymous sources – “one hell of a Christmas party” in Die Stube, with the highlight certainly being the gig of our already legendary band “The Willys”. Also, we supported our two Brandt School football teams WBS United and WBS Erfurt, clocking in on the 10th and 11th place, respectively.

There are many more ideas for events, gigs and cooperations down the line, some already with concrete forms and dates, some with those still being in the works, but you will certainly recognize that we are there.

I’ll finish with wishing everyone a great summer term, the best of luck to our graduating class of 2013 for writing their theses and – well, see you in class. Or for a coffee.

On behalf of the Student Government,

Moritz (aka the tall guy with the hat)

Vice-President of the Student Government