Internship at the NRSP in Islamabad, Pakistan

David J. Vilchez Rincon, M.P.P student from Venezuela, has secured an internship at National Rural Support Programme (NRSP) in Islamabad, Pakistan. This is the first time that a non-Pakistani MPP fellow has received an internship offer in Pakistan. This internship has been arranged through the cooperation project ‘The changing role of social media in Muslim countries’ at the Chair of Muslim Cultural and Religious History, Prof. Dr. Jamal Malik at the University of Erfurt. David has also received funding for his travel and stay through this project. During the course of six weeks, David will not only be involved at the Social Mobilisation sector of the NRSP but as a part of this internship programme he would also undertake Urdu language classes and present his work with the project’s cooperating partner, University of the Punjab in Lahore. So far David has made field visits to the NRSP regional offices such as in Bahawalpur, where together with the NRSP’s field staff 10 Villages were visited to apply the Poverty Score Card and the monitoring and assessment tool that David designed for the “Local Social Organization (LSO) Assessment Project in Bahawalpur”. David’s contribution will be made a permanent part of Social Mobilization Programme to be applied once a year as a part of the monitoring process in Social Mobilization Programme in the NRSP.


Project’s coordinator and Brandt School’s Associated Academic Staff member, Mr. Hasnain Bokhari, who organised this internship, regularly involves civil society and industry partners in his course through live skype seminars, and the NRSP staff has often participated in joint lecture sessions with the University of Erfurt.