Guest Lecture: Civil Society in Afghanistan

On Tuesday, the 17th of April 2012, Willy Brandt School of Public Policy organized a seminar on “Civil Society in Afghanistan” with a panel of four visitors from Afghanistan. The visitors were Ms. Freshta Karimi, who works with a legal aid organization in Afghanistan, Mr. Mirwais Rahimzai, who runs his own organizaton, Mr. Sadiq Mohibi, who works with an organization serving disabled people in Afghanistan and Ms. Razia Arooj, who is with UNESCO in Afghanistan, working for improvement in education.

Ms. Karimi explained the challenges and improvement in the legel aid field and said that in 2003 Afghanistan had only 3 female lawyers whereas now they have 30 female lawyers. Ms Arooj explained about the literacy circumstances in Afghanistan and also focused on the women’s share of education and told that 27% seats are reserved for the female candidates in the parliament. Mr. Mohibi told that about 8 million people with disabilities. He also added about their efforts of disability movements and implementation of disability laws.

The seminar was attended by a number of WBS students, staff and other people from Erfurt. After explaining the first hand knowledge of Afghanistan the panel participants and audience had a question and answer session through which audience shared their perception and what international community thinks about the improvements in civil society in Afghanistan.

by: Muhammad Tariq Ansari (Pakistan)