Open Campus

Open campus is a public lecture in every sense of the word: the discussion took place in the heart of Erfurt, on one of its main plazas – Anger.

Rüdiger Bender and Martin Borowsky hosted an open discussion which was part of the event organized by University of Erfurt’s Student Council (StuRa), Campus Without Borders. The discussion was aimed to raise awareness about diversity and to combat against racism and discrimination. Or as Dr. Borowsky put it, to aim to live in a world where people aren’t afraid to be different.

The discussion was able to engage residents of Erfurt, those who were waiting for the tram, students, and any interested passer-by.

Brandt School students Edson Ziso, Van Tan, Yimei Zhu and Katie Leary were also present and spoke about their own experiences as foreign students in Erfurt.