Podcast Episode # 27: Career Tips & Alumni Interview with Dr Atif Ikram Butt

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Dear readers and listeners, 

This month the Bulletin Podcast Team interviews Dr Atif Butt. Dr Atif is the Chief of the Public Advocacy and Communication Section of UN Environment based in Nairobi, Kenya and has a wealth of knowledge to help current policy students achieve their professional goals. We interview Dr Atif to get some insights about what policy students, particularly international students should be keeping in mind and what they should be doing to give them the best chance at achieving their personal professional goals. With Dr Atif's extensive international professional experience he provides sound and practical tips that cover finding internships, adjusting to new countries, language difficulties, networking and securing a job post graduation.

If anyone would like contact Dr Arif to ask follow up questions you can contact him on atif.butt@un.org

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