Project group 3 at the Thüringer Landtag

Continuing the filming of a documentary about the politics of remembrance as part of a Brandt School project group, Project Group 3 members met at the Thüringer Landtag today.

During the time of the second world war, the basement of the building served as a Gestapo prison, housing mostly political prisoners. Only recently were the cells opened up to the public for visitation, but this place of remembrance is still unmarked and can only be visited via prior appointment. One of the cells that the project group visited was lined with white roses, which were left there by survivors who visited when the area was opened to the public earlier this month.

The group was able to discuss this complicated history of the building with members of the Thüringer Landtag: Bodo Ramelow and Carsten Meyer.

The project group members also attended the short opening ceremony of a temporary exhibit on the ground floor of the Landtag. The exhibit was about youth protesters during the German Democratic Republic (GDR). Group members were also able to engage in a discussion with member of parliament, representative Astrid Rothe-Beinlich, who opened the exhibit.