Project Group: Ensuring Diversity and Inclusion in the Migration Network Hub

Micaela Lincango
Brandt School Berlin IOM Visit

On June 13, Sai Harshini Valluri, Damilola Adeniran, and Micaela Lincango presented the report "Ensuring Diversity and Inclusion in the Migration Network Hub" at the office of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Berlin.

The report was developed as part of the project group supervised by Dr Pau Palop-García, also with the contribution of Agatha Cherop Blankenburg, Dipannita Barua, and Great Udochi. The project's main objective was to ensure that the Migration Network Hub is more inclusive, and diverse, serves the needs of the stakeholders. The Migration Network Hub is an online space created for governments, stakeholders, partners, experts, researchers, migrants, and non-migrants to access, share, and request information and services related to migration. The Hub was launched in March 2021 by the IOM’s Global Migration Data Analysis Center (GMDAC) as part of implementing the Global Compact for Migration1.

It was a unique and enriching experience for the students. They had the opportunity to work with an international organization, put their knowledge into practice, and gain experience in project planning and organizing effective teamwork.


Micaela Lincango

Micaela Lincango is a second-year student at the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy with a special interest in migration studies. She comes from Ecuador and holds a bachelor’s in International Relations with a minor in Political Science. She worked on Inter-American Development Bank and World Bank projects. Her passion is social work and for that reason, she has been volunteering in different organizations, such as AIESEC and TECHO, for more than 4 years.

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