Seminar for Haniel Scholarship Holders in Ruhrort-Duisburg, 2013

by: Batyrbek Alymkulov

From March 21st to 22nd, I participated in a wonderful workshop seminar in Ruhrort-Duisburg (near Duisburg) organized by the Haniel Foundation, one of the Brandt School’s partners.  About 30 current and former Haniel Foundation scholarship holders came together to learn about the history of the Haniel enterprise, which founded in Ruhrort, and to participate in a creative workshop at the Gemeindehaus.

On the first day we had two lectures about the future of Ruhrort-Duisburg and the history of Haniel family enterprise.  It was very interesting to know that the Haniel enterprise belongs to the richest family enterprise in Germany and about 550 family members are the only shareholders of the enterprise.  After the lectures we had a tour through Ruhrort. Ruhrort-Duisburg is a small beautiful town with an intercultural society, and it is located near the river Rhein. It has one of the largest harbors in the world and the first house in Ruhrort was built by Haniel family.

On the second day we had a workshop together with the students of the Gemeindehaus (a large, historicalcommon house) in Ruhrort.  We were split into five groups and each group had its own name (Movement, Education, Party, Creativity, and Meeting).  The task of the groups was to create a new concept for the Gemeindehaus based on their names. I was in the group “Movement” and we made a new concept of a sport club in the Gemeindehaus.  I liked the concepts of all groups as each group was very creative and innovative.

It was pleasure to get such a great experience participating in the seminar and meeting interesting students from different countries in such a beautiful place.