Spanish evening at the Cafe International

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On the May 29th at the Cafe International the Spanish students organized a Spanish evening for the rest of us.

They made sure we learn some real facts about Spain and leave some of our prejudices aside. The also made sure we try the following homemade recipes (thank you Cova for the explanations).

1. Empanada (sort of pie. tuna, tomato, pepper, onions)
2. Tortilla de patata (spanish omelette): eggs, onions, potatoes.
3. Croquetas (croquets, bechamel, boiled egg, chicken, normally also ham).
4. Paella (with sea food and chicken)
5. Potatoes with sauces: alioli (self-explanatory) and “bravas” (hot sauce made of tomatos, tabasco, onions, paprika)
6. Huevos rellenos (stuffed boiled eggs- take the egg yolk out, & mix with tuna, mayonnaise, and “re-fill”)
7. various: ham, chorizo, salchichón (salami)
8. Gazpacho: cold vegetable soup (drink) made of tomatoes, cucumber, pepper, onion, bread & water).
9. Salmorejo: variant of the gazpacho, common in the south of spain, less liquid.



Thank you Spain! =)

P.S. more pictures can be found here

  1. Peter


    fantastic spanish night at café international erfurt.
    thank´s at all.