The Bulletin Podcast #12: Digitalisation and the Welfare State

Carolina Trichet
Caroline von Stein
Jesus Renzullo
Houssein Al Malla
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In this episode, we invited Prof. Dr. Achim Kemmerling, Brandt School's Director, to answer the most pressing questions on the digitalization of the welfare state and to introduce his new volume coming out soon! What happens when the welfare state goes digital?

He talks about his recently compiled edited volume with the title ‘Digitalization and the Welfare State’, forthcoming with Oxford University Press. The book describes the implications of digitalization and automation for the politics and policymaking in key areas of the welfare state: social and labour market policy, health, education and taxation. The book is joint work with Prof. Marius Busemeyer, University of Konstanz, Prof. Paul Marx, University of Duisburg-Essen, and Prof. Kees van Kersbergen, Aarhus University, Denmark.


Achim Kemmerling is the Gerhard Haniel Chair of Public Policy and International Development and currently the director of Willy Brandt School of Public Policy, University of Erfurt. Before coming to the Willy Brandt School, Achim Kemmerling worked as a Professor of Political Economy at the Department of Public Policy, Central European University Budapest teaching courses on methodology, public policy and development.

He holds a PhD in Political Science from Freie Universität Berlin, and an M.A. in International Political Economy from Warwick University. He has published in academic journals of various disciplines (e.g. World Development, Journal of Common Market Studies, Socio-Economic Review) on a wide range of issues from taxation and fiscal policies, to social and labor market policies, and official development aid. He has worked as a consultant to the German parliament, the German Society for Technical Cooperation (former GTZ, now GIZ), the Open Society Foundation and the European Investment Bank. Currently, he works on the consequences of digitalization in middle-income countries and is writing on a book about human progress and the role of public policy.

You can find more information about Prof. Dr. Achim Kemmerling here.

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This episode was hosted by Carolina Trichet & Caroline von Stein and produced by Houssein Al Malla.

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