The Bulletin Podcast #14: The 'Hack' of Wall Street

Carolina Trichet
Caroline von Stein
Jesus Renzullo
Houssein Al Malla
Clara Law

Photo by Robert Bye on Unsplash

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In this episode, we invited Bakhtiyor Tukhtabaev, a Brandt School alum to discuss the wild year in finance and economics. How can policy prevent instability in markets?

Inflation, crypto, meme stocks. 2021 has been a weird year. To kick off Season 2 of the Bulletin Podcast, Jesus and Caroline are joined by Bakhtiyor Tukhtabaev to recap what happened with the GameStop stock (GME). They ask, ‘are markets rational? If markets aren’t rational, what are they?’ Then, with Bakhtiyor serving as their guide, the team looks at cryptocurrency and instability in markets and asks, ‘how can policy prevent instability in markets?’

Mr. Tukhtabaev graduated from the Brandt School in 2011. He has spent a decade working in both the public sector and the financial services industry. In his current role as Senior Business Analyst, he analyzes EU regulations and works to implement them into business processes.

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This episode was hosted by Houssein Al Malla, who also produced it, and Jesus Renzullo.

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