The Bulletin Podcast #21: Safeguarding rights and democracy through the EU Digital Service Act

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This month we had a discussion with Dr. Hasnain Bokhari on the new EU Digital Service Act. We discuss the implications of the Act for tech companies and users in an international context, including taking policy steps for preserving the rights of the user regarding data protection as well as seeing the Act as a tool to safeguard democracies.


Dr. Hasnain Bokhari is a Research Associate and Faculty member at the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy, specializing in Digitalization, e-Governance, and ICT4D. He is currently leading a project on 'Digitalization and Internationalization of Education' at the Willy Brandt School.

Cover photo courtesy of the European Space Agency 


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This episode was hosted by Smriti Rai and Noor Alam. 

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