The Bulletin Podcast #22: When we talk about saving the Amazon rainforest......

Noor Alam
Smriti Rai
Amazon rainforest (Photo credit: Green Peace UK)

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We are thrilled to bring you all the 22nd podcast episode after a brief hiatus.

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In this episode, we talk about the importance of the Amazon Rainforest, and the role that can be taken by civil societies/researchers or the government or policy students like us for the conservation of the Amazon with Dr. Maria Cecilia Oliveira.

Dr. Maria Cecilia Oliveira is the head of the transdisciplinary research group "Democratic Governance and Ecopolitical Transformations" (EcoPol) at IASS Potsdam. She is currently working with the EcoPol group on a transdisciplinary case study in the Amazon Basin. At the Willy Brandt School, she is an instructor for the course "Environmental Conflict & Conflict Resolution".

Cover photo courtesy of Green Peace UK


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This episode was hosted by Smriti Rai. 

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