Towards a New Order – Project Group Publication

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After one semester of hard work, we could finally lay our hands on our publication. The edited volume is entitled „Towards a New Order. Foreign Policy Tools of the EU and how to reshape them” and was published by the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES). It is the final product of our project group during the 3rd semester on the foreign policy of the European Union.

We were a group of 14 students from nine different countries, who discussed the internal and external view on the European Union and its foreign policy extensively under the supervision of Prof. Gert Weisskirchen. In the course of the semester, we found a way of combining all different research interest under the title „Towards a New Order. Foreign Policy Tools of the EU and how to reshape them”. Therefore many case studies from different regions of world were included.

In short, the publication analyzes the role of the European Union as external actor in a dynamic international sphere with evolving world powers such as China and Brazil.

The launch of the publication was accompanied by a public event, organized by the FES. After the presentation of the publication by Christian Dietrich and Alexander Scheibe (members of the project group), both Prof. Weisskirchen and Thuringian Minister of Justice and representative at the EU’s Committee of the Regions, Dr. Holger Poppenhäger held a speech. Afterwards a discussion with the audience took place.

We would like to thank the FES and Prof. Weisskirchen for the support and for the opportunity to publish our work.