Who Needs a Willy Brandt School Blog?

To keep the answer short: We need a Willy Brandt School blog, you need a Willy Brandt School blog, and the world needs a Willy Brandt School blog as well. Why? Let me explain it in a bit more detail:

We –

Hello, my name is Elias Roßner and I am writing from the position of the Brandt School’s assistant managing director. However, I am also writing from the position of a Brandt School alumnus. This combination has given me deeper insights into what the school is about – strengths as well as weaknesses, academic content as well as study atmosphere, exciting, fun times as well as intense working sessions, teaching to students as well as listening to teachers, and writing dissertations as well as correcting them.

When you realize the enormous potential of a school currently hosting 106 highly-educated students from 54 different nations and five different continents, there is only one logical conclusion: We have to share our stories! We have to share our experiences! We have to share our unique perspectives!

However, this is not only my personal perspective. We were asking our students the question, “Who wants to share?” Consequently, we received a clear answer, proving the urgency of reviving our blog – the answer of our editorial team, which consists of a mixture of Master students, staff, PhD candidates, and externals, is: “Of course, we have to share”.

You –

Websites are great for sharing news as well as neutral and objective information (By the way, if you want more information on the school, please visit www.brandtschool.de). We can and we do use our website to inform those about where we are situated, what our program’s focus is, what the different specializations deal with, and, finally, who we really are. But you want to know more. You want to know what Willy Brandt School life is about. You want to listen to stories. You want witnesses who can share their true Erfurt experience. You want to dive further into the school’s network. If you are interested in the school you also want another type of information that usually is not published on the website itself.

Therefore, we have established five different categories that will help you get to know all the different facets of the school: “Brandt School life” provides a look behind the scenes of what we are doing. “Academic Life” features the students’ perspectives, struggles, and achievements throughout their studies. “Research and PhD” broadens your view on the school, which consists of more than just the Master of Public Policy program. “Alumni and Career” introduces the Brandt School network. “Policy Analysis” is, ultimately, the section where students, professors, and guests put on the hat of policy analysts and explain their views on current policy-related events and issues.


Though the school is so much more than that, one could consider Brandt School life as a real life experiment. What happens if people from totally different cultures and academic backgrounds come together to study, to analyze, and to discuss politics and policies? Even though there are difficulties and, sometimes, clashes, we do not have armed conflicts. Even though we do not always reach a consensus, we find compromises, we negotiate on solutions, and we develop practical answers for some of the world’s most pressing problems.

If not for any other reason, this is why our stories are worth writing, worth sharing and worth reading. I want to invite you to browse through our blog, to comment, to share and to get to know us. Because the Brandt School experiment works!


Elias Roßner

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Elias Roßner is Assistant Managing Director of the Willy Brandt School. He is the administrative staff representative in the blog editing team. He coordinates meetings as well as the blog’s strategic orientation.

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